Farm Fresh

From Our Family’s Farm To Your Family’s Table

As a first generation farm, At Ease Acres strives to not only provide their customers with a high-quality product but also superior customer service. As a farm family, owners and operators, Derrick and Nicole DeBoer have always challenged themselves to provide a consistent, first-class product to their customers by making their Angus cattle, Boer goats, chickens and pigs, a top priority. For more than a decade, the DeBoers have focused on making their ultimate dreams come true by building relationships with customers and advocates, never settling for less than their best, and continually broadening their knowledge of the industry. Combine this work ethic and business mentality with the belief that anything is possible and the success is limitless for everyone. With their faith and family pushing them towards their goals, in an industry where it’s a business for most, At Ease Acres believes in so much more. It’s a passion. It’s a livelihood and it’s their future.

A strong focus on the genetics of our cattle through pedigrees, and dna testing to achieve the highest quality. We are devoted to producing high maternal qualities and phenotype in our breeding stock as well as carcass qualities that make the Angus breed what it is known for today.

At Ease Acres breeds for bulls with genetics, docility, carcass as well as phenotype. All our bulls are guaranteed.

Ask us about our buy back program for feeder calves when you purchase one of our bulls!

All of our beef is Pasture Raised, All Natural and Hormone Free. We are a small family run farm.

We supply whole animal Grain Finished beef and have a network to help with the logistics to fill your wholesale needs.

Our customers are our family and we make it our goal to always give top quality customer service as well as a top quality product.

We strive to produce boer goats with high quality genetics and phenotype.  We have worked with several high quality breeders to build a foundation herd that produces excellent replacements and breeding stock.