As of December 1, 2020


We will no longer be offering any Retail Beef cuts.


Our family is thankful for all the support over the years from our customers and hope you will continue to purchase from us for your Bulk Beef needs.  At this time we have had to make this hard decision due to changes that have happened and are making more time for our young family.   

Bulk Beef – Whole and Half Steers

We do offer whole and half steers for sale that are custom cut as per the customers request at an USDA or NYS inspected facility.  

Price is determined based on HCW (hot carcass weight).

For more information about whole or half steers please contact us.  


Chicken – Pasture Raised

All of our Pasture Raised Chickens are all natural and processed in an inspected facility. 

All chickens are pre-order only as we raise them only during June – August. 

If you are interested in purchasing please contact us.


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