At Ease Acres Customers are Our Family


Supporting the Beef Industry

As a family farm we are strongly committed to supporting farm families and collaborating with local businesses in the region. At Ease Acres utilizes DNA research and superior genetics to continuously improve their herd and supply the industry with top quality bulls allowing other family owned and operated Angus farms to purchase superior genetic tested bulls for their herd.

Allowing our bulls to be part of other farms within the industry results in feeder cattle being born and raised with above average genetics for carcass quality, rib eye size, and marbling. At Ease Acres will then help to market the feeder cattle from these farms thus guaranteeing these family farms a consistent market for their feeder cattle and allowing our feeder cattle buyers to prosper with known genetics.

This process allows us, as owners to collaborate with others in the beef industry allows us to provide the best product to our customers and keeping cattle and customers at the heart of our business.

Supporting Local Communities

At Ease Acres is focused on continued growth which allows us to make our cattle and our custom main passion. As a farm, we are continuously growing by increasing the cow calf herd size which allows us to focus on a goal of improving the genetics and maternal qualities within our herd. We purchase our breeding stock from top-quality Registered Angus producers throughout New York and the New England area which is home to the highest number of Angus breeding stock in the nation.

We use recipient cattle to improve and bring news into our herd each year. Working closely with top quality Angus breeders throughout the region allows us to support local communities, focus on our growth and continue to move forward into the future.



At Ease Acres Sales

Just some of the sales we have supported and participated in over the years.

New York Angus Female Sale (Annually since 2006), Trowbridge Family Affair Sale (Annually since 2006), Trowbridge Invitational Angus Sale, Angus Hill Angus Sale, NY Elite Female Sale, Cow Power Sale, and many more!

Supporting the Next Generation

As owners and operators of At Ease Acres, we, Derrick and Nicole DeBoer, are the proud parents of FOUR young children, all of which are involved in agriculture. With the dream of having our children become the second generation owners of our family farm, we are very invested in agricultural youth programs and activities. We actively support youth in 4-H, New York Junior Beef Producers, and New York Junior Angus associations by sponsoring youth shows, as well as donating money and time for youth fundraisers and awards. We have supplied cattle for local 4-Her’s and Junior Beef Producers to show and/or start their own herds with and we also support 4-H and youth fair auctions by purchasing animals directly from the youth themselves allowing proceeds to fund their next animal husbandry project. As parents of the next generation of our farm, we truly believe in supporting the next generation of the agricultural industry.