About At Ease Acres

At Ease Acres is a Registered Angus farm located in Berne, NY. With a primary focus on the whole animal by using Genetics to achieve maximum Maternal and Carcass Qualities without sacrificing the phenotype of our herd.
We truly care about the quality of life for our cattle and their longevity in our herd and also yours. At Ease Acres has cattle from the Vermont Canadian border to as far west as Nebraska and Texas.

Our business is our legacy. We are a family owned and operated. And strongly focus on building and maintaining a business with strong family values for our children to carry on into the future. When you purchase cattle from At Ease Acres you are receiving the same level of values and quality that we will stand behind. We guarantee every animal that we sell whether is breeding stock or wholesale beef. At Ease Acres strongly values their customers and believes that communication and customer service are a must and come first.

Customer service is key: We are not just cattle people, we are people people!

The sky is NOT the limit! At Ease Acres is devoted to making dreams happen not only for our family and business but for yours as well.

Don’t dream your life away, Live your dreams! And that is what At Ease Acres is all about!

Established in 2006 by owners Derrick and Nicole DeBoer. At Ease Acres was just that, a dream. A dream to produce high quality Angus cattle with genetics, phenotype, carcass and maternal qualities. They wanted to be able to provide their customers with truly the Whole animal.

Grandchildren of Dutch farming immigrants, they strive to live every day to uphold their ancestors love and legacy of farming while making sure they are creating a legacy for their own children to carry into the future.

And they truly believe that there is no limit to what you can achieve! With their Registered Angus herd, they strongly focus on the genetics of their cattle through pedigrees, and dna testing to achieve these high quality. They are devoted to producing high maternal qualities and phenotype in their breeding stock as well as carcass qualities that make the Angus breed what it is today. This carries over to their wholesale beef. Through the genetics of their herd they are able to produce a high quality carcass with top grading marbling and rib eye.

At Ease Acres has several wholesale beef markets with restaurants and butcher shops in the North East for their wholesale beef.

Derrick and Nicole always welcome the opportunity to discuss their wholesale beef. Feel free to contact us.