Wholesale Beef

At Ease Acres is a family owned and operated Registered Angus farm with a mission to raise top quality breeding stock and to provide all natural wholesale beef while focusing on the cattle’s genetics and the well-being of their herd.

Why At Ease Acres?

“Our customers run, we sprint to make their dreams happen!” – Derrick DeBoer

“We are not a feedlot operation, we are a small family run farm. Our cattle are Pasture Raised, Grain Finished with a buffet style feeding ration which consists of hay, forage and locally grown grains.”

At Ease Acres takes caring for their cattle one step further than most others by making not only the physical appearance of their cattle appealing but also focusing on the genetic makeup of the herd. With the ability to analyze the DNA and reviewing genetic information on the cattle decisions can be made with the end customer in mind. Through the years, we have continued to improve the genetics of our herd while focusing on providing optimum marbling, rib eye size a carcass quality to our customers.

As farmers, our farm is our livelihood and our future so we strongly believe in the humane treatment of our cattle and continuously make our herd our top priority.


At Ease Acres Goals

* Develop a high quality product and to provide customers with superior customer service.

* Build a business and legacy that we are proud to pass on to our children and future generations

* Focus on the cattle and our customers


The Future of At Ease Acres

“The sky is Not the limit.” – Derrick DeBoer

As a first generation farm, we are continuously improving and striving for more, all while keeping our focus on our cattle and our cusomters. Looking to the future, our farm will continue to succeed because of the input that our customers provide allowing us to make business decisions with satisfied customers in mind. We will continue to improve our cattle through breeding and genetic desisions resulting in expansion of our wholesale markets within New York City, throughout New York State and beyond. There are no goals out of reach for At Ease Acres because with faith, family, and cattle, there are no limits to what we can do.


At Ease Acres Certifications

As farmers it is our responsibility to be lifelong learners so that we can continue to provide the best quality care to our cattle and the best quality product to our customers.

* Beef Quality Assurance Certified

At Ease Acres is currently serving as the BQA rep for the NY Beef Council for 2017-2018.

What is BQA? Click here to find out more!


* Derrick and Nicole were awarded the 2018 Young Cattleman’s Award, from the New York State Angus Association in March 2018.

* Owner, Nicole DeBoer currently serves on the New York State Angus Ass. Board of Directors for 2018-2021.

* 100% of all At Ease Acres beef is humanely raised and is only processed in USDA inspected and Animal Welfare Approved facilities.

* Owner, Derrick DeBoer has been serving on the NY State Angus Ass. board of directors since 2013.

* Owner, Nicole DeBoer has received her certification in Master’s of Beef Advocacy.