At Ease Angus Bulls

At Ease Acres concentrates on their bulls like all other aspects of their business…its about the whole animal.  Derrick and Nicole don’t just want to sell you a bull with great phenotype that will sire amazing show quality cattle, or bulls that have great genetics to back them, and they don’t want to sell you a bull that has amazing carcass epd’s but isn’t structurally appealing.  They want their bulls to have it all!

At Ease Acres will not sell a bull that they wouldn’t use in their own herd.  They strive for their bulls to be at the top of rating for phenotype and genetics.  But also they are high end wholesale beef suppliers who have their beef grading at the top.  So they strongly believe that their bulls need to have the carcass epd’s to produce the top quality beef that the Angus breed is known for.




At Ease Pure Style O191             $3,000.00 OBO 

Reg# 19531046       DOB: 3/7/19

This proven sire from Baldridge Colonel C251 and the At Ease Pure Pride 421 donor is still available for anyone looking for their next herd bull. His flush brother sold in the 2020 Trowbridge Bull sale this past May for $3,900.00. He is sure to add muscle and power as well as pounds at weaning time

Top 5% Milk, Top 4% $W and more top EPD traits. 


Resolute O188        Sold: $4,000.00

Reg# 19451900        DOB: 2/3/19

Limitless N176         Sold: $3,900.00

Reg# 19255051        DOB: 10/6/18



2XL Bronc 8153

Reg# 19146105      DOB: 2/6/18

Semen is available for shipment through Origen or by contacting us directly.

2XL Bronc 8153, is the newest of our herd sires.  

Top 1% – WW, YW, $M, $W

Top 5% – CED, BW, DOC, HP, Milk, $G

17 EPD traits in the top 15% for the breed!